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Brutta puttana in english

I've got a bastard headache.
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Shit vulgar, slang (surprise) ( volgare ) merda inter ( volgare ) cazzo inter Oh, shit!She was playing with a shit indie band.She yelped as she stubbed her toe against the bedpost.Used in the vernacular name of a species to indicate that it is similar in some way to another species, often but not always one of another genus.Vado in bagno a cacare.Sì, cazzo, abbiamo mangiato una pizza gratis!Solo tutto IL porno premium, cHE puoi desiderare benvenuto alla.A bastard orange gel produces predominantly orange light with undertones of blue.Holy shit slang, vulgar (expressing shock) ( volgare ) merda!, cazzo!Life can be a real bastard.Che pezzo di merda!Vedere Anche: Impostazioni: Un clic sulla parola: la traduce non fa niente, ricerche recenti: In this page: shit ; sh* ; shat, wordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali shit uncountable, vulgar, slang (excrement) ( volgare ) merda, cacca, cacata nf, i stepped in shit.Some bastard stole my car while I was helping an injured person.Bastard gemsbok, bastard mahogany, bastard toadflax, bastard trumpeter An intermediate-grade file ; also bastard file.Inizia ora, guarda questo video esclusivo solo su pornhub premium.Noun edit bastard m ( plural bastars, feminine singular bastarde, feminine plural bastardes ) bastard (child born outside of wedlock) Adjective edit bastard m ( feminine singular bastarde, masculine plural bastars, feminine plural bastardes ) bastard Descendants edit Old French edit Etymology edit From Late.

Fuori era una merda.A variation that is not genuine ; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin, fake or counterfeit.Antonyms edit Synonyms edit Derived terms edit Translations edit longsword see longsword The translations below need le chat potté et les trois petit diablos to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.Shit mainly UK, vulgar, slang (bad, worthless) ( volgare ) di merda, del cazzo loc agg ( volgare ) merdoso agg He had a shit job that didn't pay anything.Sh s sh*t vulgar, slang (anger, annoyance) ( volgare ) merda!, cazzo!WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali sh s sh*t vulgar, slang (anger, annoyance) ( volgare ) merda!, cazzo!

Jesus, you are a cold bastard, you know that?