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escort istria

"Politics said a very distinguished Dalmatian to me, "have been our ruin and here, as in so many parts of the Monarchy, politics are entirely a question of race and language.
In Sicily I have known a whole crovvd of street loungers come up to my bedroom for the mere pleasure of hearing me order my dinner or pay my driver, while a single question, addressed to a bystander, would at once attract a host.
Three years ago the Italian element in Istria was particularly demonstrative against the Slavs, for here, as in Dalmatia, though in vastly different proportions, these two races practically divide the country between them.
The men were excellent types of the Istrian people stolid, phlegmatic fellows, who never manifest the smallest interest or curiosity in a stranger, though strangers are none too common in their country.Travels and Politics in the Near East, Frederick.But your Istrian is not of that sort.The English version of this remarkable announcement 11 expressed the belief that "Passengers, having a right to be treated like persons of education, will no doubt conform themselves to the rules of good society, by respecting their fellow-travellers and paying a due regard to the.But the visitors, who come to enjoy the balmy air of Lussin-piccolo, must occasionally be English, for I noticed on the library shelves a copy of Sir Edwin Arnold's poems, not just the sort of reading which one would expect to find on an island.There is none of the monotony of ocean travel in Dalmatian waters, for, with one or two exceptions, the steamer's course is never out in the open incontri donne cervia sea, and even then land is always in sight.In places, too, as between Traù and Spalato, at Ragusa, in the island of Lesina, and on the hills above the lovely Bocche di Cattaro, trees and shrubs grow luxuriantly, and the great success which has attended the efforts of the Austrian Government at planting.White Istria, yellow Istria, red Istria follow each other in quick succession, and, when lighted up by the rays of the setting sun, the red earth becomes a gorgeous purple, marvellous to behold.
Since then, encouraged by a section of the Italian press, the agitation has gone on intermittently.
For Pola is at once an Austrian Portsmouth and an old Roman town.

It is pitiful to read the bitter articles with which the Slav and Italian journals of Dalmatia attack one another, instead of uniting for the common weal and endeavouring to raise the material standard of the country.Fažana is the ideal place where to spend your holidays at the seaside.Midfielders: Clare Timoney (Ballymena United Allstars) -.07.88; Aoife Lennon (Newry City Ladies) -.02.93; Danielle McDowell (Crusaders Strikers) -.07.86; Danielle Ennis (Linfield Ladies) -.03.93; Marissa Callaghan (Cliftonville Ladies) -.09.85; Chloe McCarron (Mid Ulster Ladies) -.12.97.I fancied that I traced his handiwork in the 12th and last rule of the steamship regulations which adorned the cabin.Istria is stiill the least known of aill the Austrian provinces, although the "discovery" of Abbazia by an enterprising railway company has in recent years attracted the attention of Viennese society to the charms of its eastern coast.In the French romance a prisoner escapes from his cell in the donjon, climbs down into the chasm and gains his freedom through the hole, or buco, as the natives call it, into which the Foiba pours its waters.He had, indeed, hung up in his parlour the inevitable portraits of the Austrian Emperor and Empress, which adorn every inn, however humble, throughout the length and breadth of the Monarchy.Given fair weather, nothing can be more delightful than baby prostituzione parioli a voyage along the eastern shores of the Adriatic.For, though on all my visits that sea was as calrn as a lake for days together, there are seasons when it well merits the epithet of "turbid which Horace long ago applied.