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The pungency of 250,000 tons of rotting garbage is almost indescribable.
Una sera l'uomo partecipa all'addio al celibato di un amico in un locale e quando vede che la spogliarellista è la moglie ha quasi escorta un colpo.
Children wear masks near the entrance of a landfill in Naples province, where hundreds have been protesting a proposed new dump.La coppia non ha figli ma tutto sembra scorrere per il meglio, anche perché lui è sempre fuori per lavoro e lei casalinga sembra avere molti hobby.Enough with the trash.Naples may be the face of the problem with widely circulated images of trash strewn in its streets, but environmentalists say the real problem is the illegal importation and dumping sesso milano annunci of toxic waste that make up a hefty multimillion-dollar business for the Camorra, which imports.Il festeggiano 25 anni di matrimonio con amici e parenti.It closes your throat.The tension is likely to reach its pinnacle Thursday or Friday night, when garbage trucks will again unload at Cava Sari.Ubriaco alla guida provoca tre incidenti lunedì, 18 giugno "Vincenzo è stato ucciso dalle buche Terzigno si ribella all'incuria sabato, 16 giugno, incidente in moto a Terzigno: è morto 30enne, Vincenzo Buondonno venerdì, 15 giugno, un imprenditore e il suo genero appiccano incendi sul Vesuvio.Dopo tanti anni di matrimonio ha scoperto una verità inconfessabile della donna ed ha deciso di lasciarla.As if thats not enough, the landfill sits inside the Vesuvius National Park on the flanks of a live volcano.Recommended Slideshows, pedestrians walk by uncollected garbage in downtown Naples hours after residents clashed with riot police on Oct.But Oreste says the government still needs to do more.
Every time the streets of Naples fill with garbage, our children pay the price here in Terzigno, says Nazara Gargiulio, a local teacher who heads the group Volcanic Mothers.
Only 5 percent of Napless 1 million residents recycle, even though there is a system in place to collect separated paper, plastic, and biodegradable organic waste.

He also promised to try to diminish the rancid smell by covering the top layer of rotting trash inside the Sari landfill with compost to mask the odor.No tourists come here, despite the picturesque landscape, and no one wants to buy any of the agricultural products grown in these fields.Silvio Berlusconi s election promise to solve the Naples garbage crisis nearly three years ago, the Cava Sari landfill has been used to hide the Italian governments unwillingness to confront the Camorra crime syndicate.The riots temporarily halted the collection of garbage in Naples, which quickly led to overflowing bins and renewed international attention.Last week Berlusconi promised to clean up the streets of Naples within 10 days, which he did by diverting trash to neighboring landfills, but he can only keep up the façade by letting the garbage trucks return to the Sari landfill.Maltrattava la moglie: arrestato imprenditore insospettabile mercoledì, 18 aprile, lavoro, azienda del napoletano cerca Educatori Professionali giovedì, 12 aprile, pugno alla convivente, le frattura il viso: arrestato lunedì, 9 aprile.The children vomit and cough.Its like they are trying to kill.Our bodies are covered with rashes.