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Wake just before the alarm, search for my letter to Mrs.
She gives me "Salem's Lot" for Dennis to read, xeroxes my book-wanted list and the new pages on indexing from the new Chicago Manual (that she says will soon be gatto che prima usciva e adesso è chiuso in cas coming out with a NEW edition, which I'll then buy and we say we'll have.
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Diary 11327 thursday, september.He leaves at 7:30 after taking the dogs out, I read a bit of "A Way Home" until I have to leave the last for the subway tomorrow (I'd figured going home tonight, but he HAS to stay up there, I'm probably working next week.Wake and have fabulous sex with both of us getting into our cocks, and am very discouraged to find that it's 12:15 when I get out of bed!Jeanyee and Waie and Emily (who can't hear well, so she's uncomfortable with conversations) and Peggy and Dennis and I go to Cafe Galerie for good but expensive ice cream snacks.Mineral rich waters are spewing out from mindboggling depths at a constant 47 degrees Celsius.Looked through the EB reports that I got while typing the EB list, an example of how I get hung up on what comes.This site links all my blogs).Fall asleep about 12:30, not yet packed, with lots to do in the morning and the alarm set for 5:15, hoping that I'll be able to finish everything and meet John on time at 6:30 for our departure at that ungodly hour.Our grumbling stomachs are grateful that we stumble upon.Wake about 9, kiss him, and say I must leave, so I'm up to wash my face and dress and get out at 10, carrying a heavy bag of stuff from "New York by Car" and "Southeast US" that I'd lent to Don, and get.Beverages were coffee, Constant Comment tea that got constant comment, orange juice, and sherry that I'd brought him a gallon of on Tuesday, seeing how successful it was on Monday.Eat, finish a New York, type 4 pages to catch up partway, then watch "Naked Civil Servant" about Quentin Crisp on Thames on 9 from 10 to 11:30, disturbing but good, then watch Forsythe on "Girls" from 11:30 to 12:30, an awful, ugly Kenneth Haigh.Then out and over to the Carnegie Hall Cinema early, to find that the schedule's been changed from 3:35 to 3:25 and I'm glad I was there early.He'd never seen Olivier's "Hamlet" so we watch that from 11 to about 12, then get tired and shut it off.Put more things away and watch "Storm over Tibet" from 1 to 3, with some good footage of the Dyrenfurth expedition to the Karakorum Range padding a plot about a pilot killed while flying the hump with a mask of Sinju, but the USE real.Home about 1, hungry, so I have tuna, read lots of mail, call Arnie about the weekend, Art to find his best friend's sister was killed in an auto accident on the Verrazano Bridge, that his apartment was robbed, and that he's going to "Threepenny.

Diary 11234, monday, august.Out about 7:30 with napkins for his party in the folder of xeroxed stuff that I'm finally taking to him.Diary 11279, thursday, september.L'espace, lugano via dei bordelli The Diplomat Square (restaurant gastronomique de l'hôtel fera dès 17h00 la part belle aux découvertes gustatives.Arnold calls about 10:30 and talks to 11:30, I have breakfast at 1 while watching "One in a Million" with Sonia Henie in a silly plot with Adolphe Menjou, Don Ameche, and the Ritz Brothers, with Jean Hersholt as her father who'd won the gold.Then he comes a second time as we cuddle.