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What does puttana mean in italian

He then says "you got a incontri con donne anziane lotta nerve pal, ah fanabla and slaps five with Dick Vitale who walked him up to the stage.
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Italianfiglio di puttana, italianfiglio di puttana!Italian(Soldato Figli di puttana!The comparative form of an adjective is commonly used to compare two people, things, or states, when you want to say that one thing has a larger or smaller amount of a quality than another.Pronunciation edit, iPA ( key puttänä.More_vert, he's broken my pattern, that son-of-a-bitch.He speaks so long the camera guy gives him the " 30 seconds left" sign, and his wonderful response is basically i'm gonna die of cancer so do you think i care about 30 seconds!?!Read more about 'Comparison'.Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
More_vert, and I've developed a very wonderful relationship with this creature by this point, and I've realized that this is a mean son of a bitch).
Stress: puttàna, hyphenation: puttana, noun edit puttana f ( plural puttane ) ( derogatory, vulgar slang ) whore, slut, hooker, harlot, tart (British) 1321, Dante Alighieri, La divina commedia: Inferno The Divine Comedy: Hell (paperback, in Italian 12th edition, Le Monnier, published 1994, Canto xviii.

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English Translation, more meanings for puttana bitch noun cagna, lupa, volpe whore noun prostituta slut noun sgualdrina, donnaccia, sciattona tart noun crostata, torta, pasta harlot noun prostituta strumpet noun prostituta slag noun scoria moll noun ragazza floozy noun prostituta streetwalker noun prostituta, find more words!

Ah fanabla certainly means something to Italians, or at least Jim Valvano.
Jut watch Jim Valvano's espy speech where he is deathly ill from cancer, and can barely walk.